Oscillate – Daniel Sierra

This is already old news as far as internet-time is concerned but this video from Daniel Sierra is stunning regardless when you first see it.  According to Daniel on his website,

My goal with “Oscillate” was to visualize waveform patterns that evolve from the fundamental sine wave to more complex patterns, creating a mesmerizing audio-visual experience in which sight and sound work in unison to capture the viewer’s attention.

Mission accomplished as you will clearly see in video below.


OSCILLATE from Daniel Sierra on Vimeo.

Cymatics – Susi Sie & CypherAudio

This is a beautiful and slightly frightening video directed and produced by Susi Sie on Vimeo where lycopodium is filmed oscillating from the deep audio design created by CypherAudio.  Coming in at just over a minute long it leaves you wishing there was more.  Much, much more.





CYMATICS from Susi Sie on Vimeo.


via Colossal: Cymatics: Stunning Macro Footage of Lycopodium Powder on a Stereo Speaker | Colossal.

I Dream of Wires: Made in Canada – Modcan & Intellijel on Vimeo



I Dream of Wires: Made in Canada – Modcan & Intellijel from MUTEK on Vimeo

via I Dream of Wires: Made in Canada – Modcan & Intellijel on Vimeo.

YM2149 MIDI Synthesizer on ZPUino Soft Processor

The YM2149 MIDI Synthesizer on ZPUino Soft Processor


Quoting the author of this post on

By using the Open Source VHDL files for popular audio chips from places like and we could eliminate all the wires, soldering, and wasted GPIO pins. Integrating popular audio chips like the C64 SIDAtari POKEY, and YM2149 into the ZPUino would put them under control of Arduino sketches. Effectively opening up all the Arduino libraries to control the audio chips.

In layman’s terms… awesome.  Use Arduino to easily control vintage audio chips.

Benga – I Will Never Change



unnamed soundsculpture

Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer created this incredibly fascinating video titled “unnamed soundsculpture” set to Machinenfabriek’s Kreukeltape. Three Kinect cameras recording the interpretive dance of a real woman and the application of some serious technical mojo sets this video apart.

unnamed soundsculpture from Daniel Franke on Vimeo.

16 Step Analog Sequencer

A while back Gil Duross over at Philly Techno was talking to me and was thinking about coming up with a analog step sequencer which would cost less than $100. It got me thinking that this isn’t that crazy and it’s likely someone out there has already done something like this. As is it turns out that’s exactly the case. The following video is of my test circuit of a 16 step analog sequencer based on Mauno Tuominen’s schematic for an analog CMOS sequencer based around at 4067n multiplexer/demultiplexer. You can see a DIY version of the sequencer here at I had an old sn76477 which I had been planning on turning into something so I started with the basics… indicator lights, tempo, and a simple oscillator. The eventual plan is to expand this out into a large 16 step sequencer/synth based around the sn76477 allowing for extensive sound shaping of each step in the sequence. Although the sequencer is well under $100 by the time this is completely finished it will likely cost well over that but the result should be substantial. In the meantime, take a gander at the initial test circuit. The sounds aren’t the most musical at this time, but it’s function and simple design is more the point.

I’ve expanded on the original design using a simple 555 timer for the clock and the ability to control the number of steps in the sequence through use of the 4063N. This has not been tested… that’s on my to do list. If anyone who reads this is well versed in these components and circuit design I’d love to hear feedback.

sequncer step counter