Andrea Ciuffoli: Hi-End Phono Preamplifier

Andrea Ciuffoli over at audiodesignguide has a great DIY post on a tube driven phono-preamp with a near perfect RIAA curve.  What makes this design especially nice is its simplicity (only 13 components per channel).





Serbian Tube Amplification Wins. Period.

On my “can-I-do-that-scale”, these valve amplifies by the Serbian company NAT Audio are off the meter.  literally.  I don’t even know someone who knows someone who could come close to this degree of craftsmanship and beauty.  These guys win. It’s too bad these images are hidden deep within their site on static pages…
The “Magma”.
NAT Audio - Magma - Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

The “Transmitter”.
NAT Audio - Transmitter - Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

The “Xenon”. That blue stuff you see in the tubes… yeah, that’s plasma.
NAT Audio - Xenon - Plasma Effect AC Conditioner

Massive Rectifier Vacuum Tube

This thing is fucking massive and awesome and scares me. From the DIY Audio projects photo-gallery. I might need to make a new category for this blog just for this thing.  If there’s such a thing as a bong for smoking crack this is probably what it looks like.

Vacuum Tube (Valve) Audio Projects – Massive Rectifier Vacuum Tube (Valve) – DIY Audio Projects Photo Gallery.


150 Amp 6 Phase Rectifier Vacuum Tube