Vacuum Tube

Marchand Electronics

Marchand Electronics manufactures and sells hand built and custom designed audio equipment. Phil Marchand produces active, passive, solid state and tube crossovers, power amps for audio or laboratory usage, tube and solid state pre-amps, bass eq, discrete op amps, and many more items.
It’s worth noting he has three free

software tools for the audio enthusiast.   The coolest is simple component calculator for capacitor and resistor values for a variety of crossover models with crossover frequency and slope variables. I know this can probably be accomplished easily in excel these days but I’m personally a fan of dedicated tools that do one thing well.





RH84 Amp Rebuild

Awesome before and after rebuild of an RH84 Amp on this DIYAudio post.




Pinky and Friends – SDIY.ORG has a number of great posters but by far the my favorite posts are by “Pinky & Friends“.  These are some the most unusual and creative DIY synths I’ve come across.  despite the simplicity of the site the most of the projects are well described and some have clear schematics.  Others however are just confusing.  Some of my favorites:

Turntable 110 (TT-110):  A DR-110 drum machine, $3 record player, and some ingenuity created a hardware based trigger for the drum machine.



Muffwiggler CGS Modules


A mannequin named Pinky.


Tube-based syth modeled after metasonix modules:


Serbian Tube Amplification Wins. Period.

On my “can-I-do-that-scale”, these valve amplifies by the Serbian company NAT Audio are off the meter.  literally.  I don’t even know someone who knows someone who could come close to this degree of craftsmanship and beauty.  These guys win. It’s too bad these images are hidden deep within their site on static pages…
The “Magma”.
NAT Audio - Magma - Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

The “Transmitter”.
NAT Audio - Transmitter - Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

The “Xenon”. That blue stuff you see in the tubes… yeah, that’s plasma.
NAT Audio - Xenon - Plasma Effect AC Conditioner

Groovewatt Tube RIAA Phono Preamp

I love the simplicity and classic styling of this DIY vacuum-tube, RIAA EQ curve, phono pre-amp. Bruce Heran via the DIY Audio Projects forums offers up exceptional build notes, pictures, and schematics of the build here. Admittedly I don’t know a thing about valve pre-amps and amps so I can only really comment on how much I like how it looks.

DIY Audio Projects – Hi-Fi Blog for DIY Audiophiles: Groovewatt Tube RIAA Phono Preamp.

Massive Rectifier Vacuum Tube

This thing is fucking massive and awesome and scares me. From the DIY Audio projects photo-gallery. I might need to make a new category for this blog just for this thing.  If there’s such a thing as a bong for smoking crack this is probably what it looks like.

Vacuum Tube (Valve) Audio Projects – Massive Rectifier Vacuum Tube (Valve) – DIY Audio Projects Photo Gallery.


150 Amp 6 Phase Rectifier Vacuum Tube