Soundslice is Awesome

Anyone who has ever tried searching online for guitar or bass tabulature will surely agree what they find is simply crap. Difficult to read ASCII diagrams of tab on sites littered with advertising and a layout that’s ugly as hell.

This is where comes in and blows everyone out of the water.

Soundslice is an online community where that tabulature is sourced by the musicians with and absolutely incredible layout. Tabulature and chord patterns for multiple instruments is provided at the bottom of the screen while video of the actual song, or musician performing the song, synched with the tabulature found at the bottom.

The old…


The new…


Electric Guitar Solo, Crazy Sweep Picking Arpeggios, Praxis Etude No. 2 | Soundslice.

Here’s a great talk from Adrian Holovaty at 37Signals:

Resource: Curious Inventor

I don’t post too many entries in the “resource” category but when I came across this I was really excited. This site is chock full of easy to follow how-tos, tips, tricks, and tools that anyone in DIY audio (DIY anything actually) will find useful. I recommend adding the Curious Inventor Blog to your favorites and reading it frequently.

I also love the “Guides”

MFOS Web Tools

Music From Outer Space (MFOS) is an extensive resource for anyone involved in DIY audio.  Anyone regardless of experience level should have the site permanently bookmarked as it has something for everyone.  Although focused on DIY synthesis almost everything on the site can be used in your projects.  One their most recent additions is their web tools, specifically their “web schematic“.  From their site:

MFOS Web Schematic is a schematic capture tool written entirely in JavaScript that lets you work on a schematic anywhere you have a browser (FireFox, IE, Chrome, and Safari). You can save your work because the schematics you make can be serialized to XML and then emailed to a friend or a collaborator. You or your friend just paste the XML into the Load dialog and voila… you are looking at your schematic. I see Web Schematic as a communication and teaching tool. Students can communicate with one another via emailed schematics and teachers can use the tool in the classroom as well. You can also download a PDF of your schematic for printing.

Ray Wilson at MFOS also provides a virtual breadboard designer, panel designer, and a few essential calculators including a Resistor Color Code Calculator, Parallel Resistance Calculator, Non-Inverting Op Amp Gain Calculator, Inverting Op Amp Gain & Offset Calculator, Comparator Calculator, and last an Inches to Millimeters Conversion calculator.