Synovatron’s A-100 Modular in a Halford Tool Case

A Doepfer A-100 modular synth fashioned in a customized Halfords Engineers Tool Case. Awesome work by Synovatron.
Synovatron's A100 in Halford Tool Case

Tone’s Analog Synthesizer Projects and Products: Modular in a tool case.

RF’s DIY Modular Synth Pages

This is from another user named ‘RF’. ‘RF’ [Nick] has built a monster DIY analog synth built mostly from MFOS kits from Ray Wilson. RF’s site gives a great deal of information on where he got started when looking to explore DIY synthesis. One of these days I’m going to take off 5 years and photograph all of these synths and publish it in a luxurious hard cover volume with nothing but gear-porn quality photos.

RF’s DIY Modular Synth Pages.

Carsten Toensmann and the ‘Analog Monster’

Carsten Toensmann is the man behind the “Analog Monster“. For the past decade or so Carsten has been slowly building analog modules himself with a help from the book “Formant-Pro MSS2000”. This book, which is out of print and only available directly from the author in electronic form. I have no more details on the book but if the results of Carsten’s work are any indication of its content then it must be awesome.

I can really only say one thing… Carsten is amazing.    Here are a couple pictures of the complete project in its current form and two of the modules. Two out of 25!

The completed build…fantastic work.

The Quad ADSR Front Panel…

…And the Quad ADSR Board. I wish there was a hi res of this so we could really see his attention to detail. These boards are all hand/home made… no using Gerbers and bulk manufacturers in China like PCB Express and others.  The thought of drilling all those holes makes me squirm.  However, Carsten apparently prefers to drill all the holes instead of dealing with things like this

The Octave Divider front Panel…

And the hand made board…