YM2149 MIDI Synthesizer on ZPUino Soft Processor

The YM2149 MIDI Synthesizer on ZPUino Soft Processor


Quoting the author of this post on gadgetfactory.net

By using the Open Source VHDL files for popular audio chips from places like FPGAArcade.com and Opencores.com we could eliminate all the wires, soldering, and wasted GPIO pins. Integrating popular audio chips like the C64 SIDAtari POKEY, and YM2149 into the ZPUino would put them under control of Arduino sketches. Effectively opening up all the Arduino libraries to control the audio chips.

In layman’s terms… awesome.  Use Arduino to easily control vintage audio chips.

Livid Instruments’ Code Station Prototype

Many times when I look at someones work I think of it in terms of ‘could I do that?’. For example, if my system were a scale from 1 to 10 a 1 would be ‘I can definitely do that’ and a 10 would be ‘I probably can’t do that without going back to school for 6 years, lots of practice, and a butt-load of cash’.

Livid Instruments’ photo stream on Flickr highlights one of their most recent projects – the Code Station Prototype. This is definitely one of those times I’d give this a 10 on my ‘Can I do that scale’. I’m looking forward to seeing this i production.

The Octapol, a Flower Conservatory, and WTF?

I came across this great DIY midi controller by Flickr user Mikest

In addition to having a great aesthetic appeal the prototype for the LED ring digital encoders is bitchin’. Hats’s off to Mikest.

Just as an additional observation, usually when i find a flickr user with some cool audio/midi/synth stuff i like to look at all their images. More often than not you can get an idea what the person is into, their hobbies, personality. While browsing Mikest’s pictures this is what I cam across. So I get it, I can see what the flowers resemble, and it appeals to me. But what I think is really awesome is that one image wasn’t enough… another, zoomed in version was necessary.

DIY MIDI Sequencer

Not much written about this excellently crafted build from Flickr user Collin Mel however he does mention he’ll have a parts list posted in the future.

On the Flickr page Collin links to his source for the LED light bars.  I checked the link and the product wasn’t found.  What I did find find though was these awesome Playstation 2 thumb joysticks which could be easily rigged up as a midi controller.  only $3.90!

Playstation 2 Analog Joystick

MIDI Ironing Board

The title says it all. This is way past old news but it’s still a gem. This photo comes by way of Flickr but it was taken at the first (as in 2007) “handmade music” event at Etsy Labs in Brooklyn NY, sponsored by Etsy.com, MAKE Magazine, and Create Digital Music.