Roman Sowa’s Synthpages

I’ve referenced Roman Sowa previously in the AD633 Ring modulator post however I’ve never posted about his past work. To start with, Roman has incredibly detailed build pages on his DIY analog synth projects here. If you dig in and check out the details on his modular build he includes photos, schematics, and technical details that are more than sufficient to guide you in your own build but not overly verbose and distracting. Take a look at his extraordinary hand-made modular.
Roman Sowa Modular

Richard Scott Modular Synths & Compositions

Richard Scott is a composer, free improvising musician, prior administrator at the London Musician’s Collective, holds a Phd from his thesis on free improvisation, resident at STEIM in Amsterdam, designer of the WiGi infra red controller, and holds more distinctions than most artists working in this arena.




Modular Synthesizer | Richard Scott.

Livid Instruments’ Code Station Prototype

Many times when I look at someones work I think of it in terms of ‘could I do that?’. For example, if my system were a scale from 1 to 10 a 1 would be ‘I can definitely do that’ and a 10 would be ‘I probably can’t do that without going back to school for 6 years, lots of practice, and a butt-load of cash’.

Livid Instruments’ photo stream on Flickr highlights one of their most recent projects – the Code Station Prototype. This is definitely one of those times I’d give this a 10 on my ‘Can I do that scale’. I’m looking forward to seeing this i production.