Marchand Electronics

Marchand Electronics manufactures and sells hand built and custom designed audio equipment. Phil Marchand produces active, passive, solid state and tube crossovers, power amps for audio or laboratory usage, tube and solid state pre-amps, bass eq, discrete op amps, and many more items.
It’s worth noting he has three free

software tools for the audio enthusiast.   The coolest is simple component calculator for capacitor and resistor values for a variety of crossover models with crossover frequency and slope variables. I know this can probably be accomplished easily in excel these days but I’m personally a fan of dedicated tools that do one thing well.





TDA2030 DIY HiFi Amplifier by Vortchun

The DIY Audio forum’s photo gallery is rich with hundreds of amazing projects the DIY audio community has built over the years. I could repost and talk about every single one of them but I really try to avoid it. While browsing I came across the following build and for some reason it stood out from the crowd. The wooden enclosure is a nice departure from the typical aluminum and stainless steel boxes that you typically see.

You can read about DIY-Audio forum member Vortchun’s build here

Peruvian DIY Audio

I’ve been on a Flickr kick today and came across this fantastic shot of stacks of custom made audio equipment in Lima Peru.  Thanks to Flickr user s8 for the post!

Custom Audio in Lima Peru