The Stash Mix


In October of 2007 Superset created the first “Stash Mix” for Stashmedia. The mix covers 85 tracks from 77 artists in a heavily edited, mixed, remixed and composed mash-up of indie, hip-hop, electronic, techno, rock, dub and downtempo. With music from labels such as Def Jux, Nature Sounds, Bastard Jazz, Sub Pop, Universal, and more, this mix covers a galaxy of sound and attempts to blend styles like peanut butter and apples.

Much Thanks to Mulheres Barbadas for the insanely sick cover art which, reflects the mix’s eclectic tone entirely. Hit their site for a large Hi-Res download.

Further thanks to this project’s Exec Producer, Steve Marchese at Stash for bringing this project together and more thanks to Steven Price, Stash’s editor for making it happen. See Steve Marchese’s exceptional site highlighting some of the best new (and old) records/artists out there: Scissorkick.

Just as a last note, obviously because this is a mix of others work there’s no stripes. (though we did receive permission from the artists included on the mix to release this one).

The Stash Mix


“Orange” sounds a bit like Trans Am meets Ratatat and uses some interesting point and counterpoint melodies that blend together across a tight unaggressive rhythm.   It’s not danceable but it’s definitely listenable.  The melody sounds continuous but it’s actually two different parts that introduce themselves in the beginning then overlay on top of each other making a nice moving progression.  In retrospect, changing the tambre of the two parts or panning them in the mix might make that more apparent.  Lessons learned for next time.



Sackett Street Stitches

The Endless Winter EP

This is a track from Master Mosquitto (Aaron Schultz, Jed Elijah Mowshowitz, and David Langolf, with guitars by Jamie Roberts) put out on Bastard Jazz records back in 2004.  From Bastard Jazz: a melancholy beat driven downtempo joint – heavily layered with droning synths, delayed percussion, and distorted guitar mumblings intersecting with emotive and pastoral post-rock loops.

This one is a few years old but it still puts a smile on my face.

The MP3 is Available through iTunes. For more information check out Bastard Jazz