Gear Pr0n

I try to keep this category chock full of nice hi-res photos of gear.

Sneak-Thief’s DIY Experiments

Sneak-Thief’s DIY Experiments.

According to Sneak Thiefs website the following work in progress is,

…a mankato quadrature filter, 2 wogglebug #3’s, tellun neural agonizer (dual spring reverb), korg triple-resonator and a fonitronic 5-channel mixer.



An impressive array of modular gear @ Gingerbread Studios


RH84 Amp Rebuild

Awesome before and after rebuild of an RH84 Amp on this DIYAudio post.




Pinky and Friends – SDIY.ORG has a number of great posters but by far the my favorite posts are by “Pinky & Friends“.  These are some the most unusual and creative DIY synths I’ve come across.  despite the simplicity of the site the most of the projects are well described and some have clear schematics.  Others however are just confusing.  Some of my favorites:

Turntable 110 (TT-110):  A DR-110 drum machine, $3 record player, and some ingenuity created a hardware based trigger for the drum machine.



Muffwiggler CGS Modules


A mannequin named Pinky.


Tube-based syth modeled after metasonix modules:


Muffwiggler DIY Forums

There’s absolutely too many great posts, pictures, and threads relating to DIY synthesis (and other topics) on Muffwiggler.  I’ve highlighted a couple posts below but if you want to kill a few hours or need inspiration while setting up your own work-space the Picture thread under Music Tech DIY kills it.

Take a look at two of my favorites

User Magman shows off his insane magazine and manual collection.  According to his post:

You are looking at complete or virtually complete collections of Elektor, ETI, Practical Electronics, Maplin Electronics, E&MM, Sound on Sound, Future Music, The Mix, Computer Music, 45 years worth of Wireless World and a large collection of Everyday Electronics, amongst others. By the way, this is less than half of my collection, which currently stands at over 9000 magazines and counting.



And Slaughterhousesam has a series of great pics of his rig and setup. this is just one of them and you can find the rest here. This one is fun for testing your gear-spotting skills.muffwiggler_slaughterhousesam_600

It’s In My Brain Now

If your looking for anything and everything Cray & Buchla related, and a Tumblr that’s updated far more frequently than this site then look no further than Its In My Brain Now. If you need convincing just take a look below for an example from the are-you-kidding-me department.


Serbian Tube Amplification Wins. Period.

On my “can-I-do-that-scale”, these valve amplifies by the Serbian company NAT Audio are off the meter.  literally.  I don’t even know someone who knows someone who could come close to this degree of craftsmanship and beauty.  These guys win. It’s too bad these images are hidden deep within their site on static pages…
The “Magma”.
NAT Audio - Magma - Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

The “Transmitter”.
NAT Audio - Transmitter - Single Ended Mono Block Power Amplifier

The “Xenon”. That blue stuff you see in the tubes… yeah, that’s plasma.
NAT Audio - Xenon - Plasma Effect AC Conditioner

Steiner Synthasystem (and some other stuff)

David Ingebretsen has a popular blog that I’m sure many in the synth community and the folks at Electro-Music have heard of, Analog Realities. However, what i prefer is the synth build photos from his personal web pages. Specifically his amazing work on the [Nyle] ‘Steiner Synthasystem’. Absolutely amazing and humbling work. David’s also got some great details of other builds he’s worked on such as Jurgen Haible modules, YuSynth builds, and others. Especially nice are the high resolution photos he provides. A few of my favorites are below. Click through to go to the originals on David’s site.

This is a great shot of the synthasystem. All of the details can be found on David’s site.
Steiner Synthasystem

JH Tau Phaser
Jurgen Haible Tau Phaser (via Analog Realities)

JH Frequency Shifter
Jurgen Haible Frequency Shifter (via analog realities)

Gear Pr0n: Korg Electribe ER1

Not much to this post except ridiculously high resolution images of the inner workings of the Korg Electribe ER1. Click the images to be brought to the hi resolution version(s), all of which are approximately 6500 x 3500.
Upper PCB: Top Side
Korg Electribe ER1 Upper-Top PCB

Upper PCB: Bottom Side
Korg Electribe ER1 Upper-Bottom PCB

Lower PCB: Top Side
Korg Electribe ER1 Lower-Top PCB

Lower PCB: Bottom Side
Korg Electribe ER1 Lower-Bottom PCB

Enclosure (This has obviously seen better days)
Korg Electribe ER1 Enclosure


Not at all DIY audio in any sense.  Not even close.  If ever has anything deserved an are-you-fing-kidding me this is it.

Clearaudio – Goldfinger v2 MC Cartridge.

The Goldfinger

Massive Rectifier Vacuum Tube

This thing is fucking massive and awesome and scares me. From the DIY Audio projects photo-gallery. I might need to make a new category for this blog just for this thing.  If there’s such a thing as a bong for smoking crack this is probably what it looks like.

Vacuum Tube (Valve) Audio Projects – Massive Rectifier Vacuum Tube (Valve) – DIY Audio Projects Photo Gallery.


150 Amp 6 Phase Rectifier Vacuum Tube