December 2011

Vinnui’s DIY Modulation Bus

Vinnui has a concise site detailing the build of his modular.  He has put together some sharp looking modules and although he comments his wiring is a mess I think it looks exactly the way it should… made by hand, at home, with a soldering iron and a lot of patience.

Vinnui - YuSynth Dual VCO

It looks like it mostly consists of YuSynth modules though he also has a pretty cool idea for his own variation on the Moog Voyager’s modulation bus.  His expansion on the idea of a modulation bus is comprehensive and has about as many patching options as you could fit before it gets confusing or inconvenient compared to more traditional patch cables.  I could see something like this being very useful when you need to quickly dial something up without a handful of patch cables.

Vinnui - Modulation Bus

The layout consists of two buses, each sporting 12 possible sources, 12 destinations, and 12 shapers.  That’s a total of 1,728 patching combinations, per bus, with only the quick turn of three dials.  Purists may not like the rotary switch patching of modulators but I think its a brilliantly simple way to manage a large number of patching capabilities in an easy to remember/recall format.

Groovewatt Tube RIAA Phono Preamp

I love the simplicity and classic styling of this DIY vacuum-tube, RIAA EQ curve, phono pre-amp. Bruce Heran via the DIY Audio Projects forums offers up exceptional build notes, pictures, and schematics of the build here. Admittedly I don’t know a thing about valve pre-amps and amps so I can only really comment on how much I like how it looks.

DIY Audio Projects – Hi-Fi Blog for DIY Audiophiles: Groovewatt Tube RIAA Phono Preamp.

Workshop Osc Machine (W.O.M.)

An excellent thread detailing a build of the ‘Workshop Oscillator Machine’ (WOM) via Bugbrand. The WOM is a tone generator/oscillator designed around an NXP Hex Inverter and an NXP Hex Schmitt Trigger. What i particularly like about this kit is that it’s designed with the intent of usage in workshop and educational events and includes all required parts. Although i have not personally built this kit, I suspect by looking at it that it’s a nice balance between ease of build and functionality. And if you were so inclined Bugbrand includes the schematic on their site so you could always wire one up on your own, sans pcb, and see what happens.

WOM - Bugbrand

Synovatron’s A-100 Modular in a Halford Tool Case

A Doepfer A-100 modular synth fashioned in a customized Halfords Engineers Tool Case. Awesome work by Synovatron.
Synovatron's A100 in Halford Tool Case

Tone’s Analog Synthesizer Projects and Products: Modular in a tool case.

Mad Monkey

Spotted this excellent homemade device crafted inside a cardboard box on electro-music

The Mad Monkey