May 2011

Massive Rectifier Vacuum Tube

This thing is fucking massive and awesome and scares me. From the DIY Audio projects photo-gallery. I might need to make a new category for this blog just for this thing.  If there’s such a thing as a bong for smoking crack this is probably what it looks like.

Vacuum Tube (Valve) Audio Projects – Massive Rectifier Vacuum Tube (Valve) – DIY Audio Projects Photo Gallery.


150 Amp 6 Phase Rectifier Vacuum Tube

LoudestWarning Blog

The LoudestWarning Blog is another nice DIY audio and synth blogspot blog with some great photos of custom home-grown synthesis and audio projects. No need to re-hash all the great stuff on the site but I will say that the picture of blue knobs is right up my alley. It’s organized, repetitive, colorful, and who doesn’t enjoy a substantial collection of knobs?

LoudestWarning Blog - Bloo Knobs

DroneGoat: The BRAINRING!

DroneGoat is a tasty little blogspot blog covering analog synthesis and some DIY projects (among other things). There’s lots of great stuff here but I found this to be particularly awesome. An analog ring modulator built into a Brain water bottle.  Reminds me of my Alpo-Can ring modulator except this appears to process inputs and not simply modulate internally generated square waves.

DroneGoat: The BRAINRING!.

DroneGoat Brain Ring Modulator

TDA2030 DIY HiFi Amplifier by Vortchun

The DIY Audio forum’s photo gallery is rich with hundreds of amazing projects the DIY audio community has built over the years. I could repost and talk about every single one of them but I really try to avoid it. While browsing I came across the following build and for some reason it stood out from the crowd. The wooden enclosure is a nice departure from the typical aluminum and stainless steel boxes that you typically see.

You can read about DIY-Audio forum member Vortchun’s build here

Music From Outer Space – WSG mods completed

Usually I will just post a couple images with brief descriptions of the process behind a project I post. But with the completion of my mods to the MFOS Weird Sound Generator I wanted to offer up a couple of the dos and don’ts I learned while working on this.


  • Do buy an Alesis Quadraverb on eBay for 10 bucks and use the 1 space rack case instead of buying something new.
  • Do save the seemingly useless Alesis front panel because you never know… you might need it (and I did).
  • Do take the time to measure twice, three and four times.
  • Do be prepared to find out that your measurements might still be wrong.
  • Do go with your instincts and spend the extra cash to make it look nice.
  • Do use pre-tinned solid wire (and save a lot of time).
  • Do drill or punch starter holes.
  • Do look up parts you’re unfamiliar with in Mouser’s four inch thick hard-copy catalog. It’s far easier to get an idea of what your actually buying sight unseen.


  • Don’t waste three weeks comparison shopping at on-line front-panel design shops. You spend a lot of time learning stripped down versions of proprietary CAD tools that can be enormously frustrating and in the end the price difference isn’t that significant.
  • Don’t do anything less than 2mm on the width of the front panel.
  • Don’t ever go back to stranded wire.
  • Don’t pass by the $20 Quadraverb and waste two and a half weeks looking for a better deal. 18 days is worth the extra $10 bucks compared to the money you save from buying new.
  • Don’t rush.

And lastly, Don’t do this:

When you can do this:

This is a nice shot of the whole unit which shows the excellent work the folks at Front Panel Express did on this. If you’re considering spending the coin on a custom front panel and on the fence about it I can say without reservation that my expectations were exceeded and I will never doubt that it was money well spent. Just make sure you have your measurements right. I made a couple mistakes which I was able to work around without major issue but it was at the expense of several days time figuring out alternative solutions.

You can see more images of the final build on Flickr here…