January 2011


Gur Milstein and Meir Arosh are the men behind Analogic ACS: the ACS is the ‘Analog Control System’, a modular analog sequencer designed for a high degree of flexibility and compatibility with analog syths of all walks. They also offer their products on a DIY basis if you prefer to do it yourself, modify and tinker. These are some great looking machines and one of the more interesting aspects of ACS is that they will custom make you analog synthesizers and instruments to your specs.

Analogic ACSAnalogic ACS


I’ve had this post drafted for a couple of weeks because I wasn’t at all sure where to begin.  On Cikira’s front page it boldly states “Cikira talks about Gas”… then she attempts to dispel myths that her site is a joke, that she’s not rich, that she’s not a man… and it goes on.  I would love to meet this woman. Something tells me the conversation would be insane.  Not to mention her massive collection of gear. See below…

No doubt she’s a legend in the synth DIY and collector world (married at NAMM and given away by Dr. Moog himself) but for those unfamiliar with all which is Cikira… definitely peruse her site.

For those looking for unique tools and software she? they? in conjunction with Redmoon (I’m not clear on the relationship here) have written custom software for the Mac called Maxwerk written by Amanda Pehlke (Cikira) using MAX. I can’t offer any thoughts on this as I don’t have a mac. If anyoine has info please post in the comments.

StrobeTronic NoiseLab by rarebeasts on Etsy

I’ve posted about some of the work Rare Beasts has done before, specifically the Wicks Looper. This is another one of his recent creations. The “Strobetronic Noiselab”. I can’t say I’m a fan of the $475 price tag for what appears to be PVC pipe. Swanky botique prices notwithstanding it looks like a boatload of fun. StrobeTronic NoiseLab by rarebeasts on Etsy.
StrobeTronic NoiseLab

Cassette Tapes: DJ Spree – Trance

It’s so funny that this tape, like the last two I’ve posted about is also called ‘Trance’.  I mean, based on the last two examples and this one, all dance music from the early to mid nineties was trance.  Inacurate music classifications notwithstanding this is a tape made by DJ ‘Spree’.  If memory serves his name was Anthony and he was from somewhere in Brooklyn.

The restored .mp3 mix:
DJ Spree

Memory Man (an update)

After making the last post about the Electro-harmonix Stereo Memory Man I realized that I didn’t post any pictures of the circuit board. As far as I’m concerned that’s the difference between Cosmopolitan and Larry Flynt’s definitive ‘Barely Legal’ magazine. So here we go… a nice high resolution shot of the innards of this beast.
Electro-harmonix Stereo Memory Man
The main processor is Analog Devices ADSP-BF531, the low-cost entry point for the Blackfin Processor family. According to Analog Device’s website there are three versions…

the ADSP-BF531, ADSP-BF532, and ADSP-BF533, offer all the ease of use and architectural attributes of the Blackfin processor. These three processors are all completely pin compatible – differing solely with respect to their performance and on-chip memory – thus reducing risk and offering the ability to scale up or down depending upon the end application needs.

It also utilizes ISSI’s IS42S16800A 8Meg x16 128-MBIT SYNCHRONOUS DRAM.