November 2010

Jürgen Haible – Tau Pipe Flanger

Jürgen Haible from Germany redesigned the Tau Pipe flanger and documented the test and build in great detail at his site

His site has more information than you could ask for when it comes to synth and audio effects DIY.  He includes schematics, block diagrams, design and test notes, high resolution pictures, mp3s, external links to resources, formula calculators, spreadsheets, etc.   He does this for over 25 projects.  It’s truly impressive.  Take a look at the images of his Tau Flanger/Phaser redesign…

Tau Flanger/Phaser Redesign by Jurgen Haible

Tau flanger/phaser redesign by Jurgen Haible

Ryan BoCook – Synth DIY and A Victoreen Geiger Counter

I happened across Ryan’s excellent DIY synth and immediately recognized the housing he used for it.  It’s a Victoreen Radiological Survey meter.  You can find these in abundance on eBay for pretty cheap (which is exactly what I did).  Hats off to Ryan on this really cool modification.  You can find images and more about Ryan on his site

Ryan Bocook - Victoreen Synth

Perfectly Organized Box of RCA plugs

Anyone who knows me will confirm that there are certain things that really put a smile on my face… audio equipment, small boxes, groups of small audio related items, and god organization.  That’s why when I happened across this set of 100 Gold plated female RCA plugs for high-end DIY audio enthusiasts via I really got excited. Unfortunately the picture isn’t that big but you get the idea. This site is fantastic, they have tons of tiny items of superior quality for the audio enthusiast.  Toroid chokes, power transformers, and some of the finest looking knobs I’ve seen in a while.

see these here

Electrix Filter Factory – Face Plate Graphic

I can’t imagine anyone will need this but while I had my Electrix Filter Factory apart for cleaning and routine maintenance (i.e. screwing around w/ it) I decided to clean up the faceplate and scan it in.  For Cubase users, this would make the perfect graphic for your user defined MIDI Device Controller… (If it’s for an Electrix Filter Factory that is).  I’m thinking a redesign and custom faceplate plate might be in order.

Electrix Filter Factory Faceplate

Cassette Tape Series: Fantasy Trance?

Frankie Bones - "Fantasy Trance"

Another post for the Cassette Tape Series.  Who knows where this one came from or how it ended up in a box in my basement.  This one is funny because it might say ‘Frankie Bones’ on that tape but I’m pretty sure there’s no way that’s who’s DJing.  I’m not sure what ‘Fantasy Trance’ is either.  All in all though, it’s not terrible.  The audio quality on this tape was terrible though.  However after a couple hours of work it’s good enough for the next decade.  So if poorly recorded mid-nineties-mystery-dance music mix-tapes are your thing you might enjoy this.

You can grab the restored .mp3 mix here

Cassette Tape Series: DJ DB "Trance"


I decided to transfer a bunch of old cassettes to digital and I came across a handful of mix tapes from somewhere in the ballpark of 1994.  The audio was in serious need of some TLC and the music… lets just say it reflects that period of time.  I’m not even sure who DJ DB is or where this tape came from.  It’s my handwriting on there so I definitely dubbed it from someone but other than that who knows.  Even though the audio quality is terrible I encoded it at 256kbps so as to preserve history in all of its glory.

you can get the full mix right here

Peruvian DIY Audio

I’ve been on a Flickr kick today and came across this fantastic shot of stacks of custom made audio equipment in Lima Peru.  Thanks to Flickr user s8 for the post!

Custom Audio in Lima Peru


Flickr user FoToopa just blew my mind.  Their DIY, laser triggered, multi-flash photo set-up for taking hi resolution macro photographs of water droplets is absolutely awesome.  I figured since they use a speaker to control the water droplet output it qualifies as DIY-audio related and deserves posting.  Take a look at the setup:

Waterfigures DIY Setup by FoToopa

FoToopa writes,

Setup for waterfigures. The upper speaker is the dropcontroller. This dropper give a second drop via an audio waveform on the speaker. Control of this timing via a second laser detector just under the dropper. Multiple flashes are used, 5 max for the forground, one for the background. Background can be changed via a colored A3 paper. Different tools can be added, a color injector stay more on the foreground and is controlled via a magnet drive system. This color injector can inject a few paint drops into a falling drop to merge and to form multiple gradiend colors on the splash. On the bottom a second speaker system is used for the waterfigures. Splashes and waterfigures and color injection can be merge together. On the leftside stay a projectiel tool to fire a small iron item through the falling droplet. Ofcourse all this parts are homemade including the hardware controller ( not to seen into this picture). The camera is the D200 nikon driven also by the controller. 2 lasers are used for detection to give the controller the information for all delay’s and timings. All timings are digital at a resolution of 1 to 100 usec at 4 digit/ delay unit. Delays are entred via the keyboard but preset by poweron at the best default time. Some values are drive by 2 rotary encorders to change fast the value.

And then take a look at the results…  Amazing.

Waterfigures by FoToopa

Anita’s Punk Console

From Flickr user Ruidotronics… the APC (Anita’s Punk Console):

Anita's Punk Console