April 2009

Hot Fuzz

Previously I’ve posted on a fuzz box that I made for Paul Digs. Recently Jamie Roberts asked me to build him a custom remake of the old Electroharmonix/Sovtek Bigg Muff fuzz pedals. I was speaking with Paul and the fuzz I made for him didn’t really suit his needs so I decided to design and build two fuzz pedals. Starting with any number of the dozens of Big Muff Schematics available on line I tested the circuit and made a couple small modifications… asymmetrical clipping. I used Eagle Cad to draw up the schematic and generate the gerbers and then sent out the custom boards for manufacturing through Batch PCB. They have an exceptional service and are extremely easy to deal with. I highly recommend them.


That was essentially the most difficult part. Upon receiving the boards back I mocked up the enclosure layout, drilled my holes and then sent out the enclosures for chrome plating. This was expensive, $80+ per enclosure, which was more than half of the entire cost of each pedal but it was worth every penny. They came out stunning. Exceptional knobs, custom silk screening, and pots with 11 detents. Up to 11! Having finished I would only have changed two things. I would have included a power on LED and included a 9v battery clip instead of just a DC power supply. Nearly all parts were sourced from mouser. The only exceptions were the footswitch, jacks, enclosure, and knobs.


Unfortunately I don’t have sound samples but these things squeal and pump out some serious gain. But, as with anything analog with that much gain you get a significant amount of noise. Not really a problem when you’re playing… just when you stop.


You can see the detailed photo set here on Flickr.